The purpose of the website "The Dharma Stories" was designed to provide a forum for those who might be interested in the Dharma wisdom as demonstrated by the Buddha's interactions with his disciples, the Brihmans, ascetics, farmers, kings and all works of life in ancient India more than 2,500 years ago.

In addition to learning the wisdom of Budda Dharma, readers might find the bilingual aspects of the Dharma stories useful in studying the Buddhist terms, and in carrying out conversations on Buddhism cross-culturally.

Author of the Dharma stories was Chuang Chun-Chiang, a lifetime Lecturer of Bodhi Monastery at Lafayette, New Jersey who complied the series based on the Buddha's teaching as recorded in the Agama Sutras. The Yinshun Publication Studies Group of New York contributed English translation of the Dharma stories.

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